4 Things to Know About Dental Insurance

Your oral health is just as essential to your well-being as your physical and mental health. Dental treatments can be costly, however, which is why you should always have a dental insurance plan.

Here are 4 things to know about dental insurance.

1. Dental Insurance Will Help You Save Money

Even if you have trouble-free teeth, the cost of routine cleanings builds up fast. While fees vary, most adults pay up to $400 per year for biannual cleanings.

If you need additional procedures such as fluoride treatments, dental X-rays, or fillings, you could end up paying over $1,000 in dental fees per year.

Fortunately, insurance covers basic dental care and will save you from high fees.

2. Dental Insurance Plans Cover Most Emergencies

Do you have a cavity or a chipped tooth? Your dental insurance provider will cover most or all of the costs.

Dental insurance premiums typically cost between $20 to $60 per month, which adds up to $720 per year. Considering how expensive procedures, including dental implant surgery, dental bridges, and root canals, can be, an insurance plan will save you considerable financial stress.

3. Not Every Procedure Is Covered

While a dental insurance plan is invaluable, it will not cover every procedure. Most insurers cover 100% of basic and preventative dental care, but extensive, restorative dentistry may include only partial coverage.

If you wish to get cosmetic services, you will likely have to pay out of pocket. Cosmetic dentistry includes veneers and teeth whitening.

Some insurance providers will cover up to 50% of the costs for most major procedures.

4. You Can Maximize Benefits by Choosing the Right Dentist

Depending on which dental insurance plan you have, your insurance provider may not cover the costs of services from all dentists.

To discover which dentists you can save the most money with, call your provider to find out which dental practices they are willing to cover.


Dental insurance plans vary according to each coverage provider. Individual and family plans are available to suit your specific requirements.

The last thing you want to encounter is an urgent oral health issue when you do not have the funds to pay for treatment. Even if your dental insurance does not cover every procedure, having a plan in place will save you thousands of dollars and enable you to get the care you need when money is scarce.

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