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The New Era Of Cosmetic Dentistry

In the past, patients may have been resigned to accepting aesthetic flaws in their smiles. However, today, a cosmetic dentist can correct a host of problems that detract from your smile, ranging from discolored teeth to those that are broken or damaged.

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Beware of These 4 Dental Fads

Browse your social media timelines and you will see an abundance of health advice. From recommendations about a new supplement touted as a “miraculous cure” for all kinds of ailments to “ancient remedies” for cleaning one’s teeth, our family dentistry practice receives

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5 Things You May Not Know About Your Toothbrush

How much do you know about your toothbrush and correct oral hygiene practices? Did you know that brushing improperly or inadequately could lead to the need for restorations like crowns and fillings from a dentist? Here are five facts you might not

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When is a dental crown necessary?

Dental crowns are used to treat a variety of problems such as broken or cracked teeth; saving a tooth that has already been treated for decay, but further decay has developed; as the final step following endodontic therapy; to affix a dental

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