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Do dental implants require special care?

dental implants Battle Creek MIDental implants are one option to be considered after experiencing tooth loss. Your dentist will consult with you on any requirements to be met, the procedure itself, and the care required before, during, and after this treatment.

Before entering into the implant process, your dentist will want to qualify you as a good candidate by discussing your overall health. A thorough dental exam will be completed that may include dental x-rays to determine bone strength.

The specialist will explain the need for terminating tobacco use before the treatment, as well as the time obligation, financial consideration, and long-term expectations resulting from the treatment.

The process involves placing the implant where tooth loss has occurred. This area will be protected with a temporary covering during the healing process. During this healing period it is important to keep the area as free from bacteria as possible to prevent infection, which is one of the leading causes of implant failure.

The implant must remain protected from possible movement while bone grafts to it, which ultimately will provide the base of strength and support for the final restoration.

Periodic dental visits will assure the implant process is staying on track. Once healed, your dentist will have created a restoration that matches neighboring natural teeth in size, shape, and color to make your final result virtually impossible to discern what is real and what is cosmetic.

Once completed the final restoration will have been permanently affixed to the implant and will be treated just like your natural teeth. Your dentist will demonstrate the correct way to floss around your new tooth. You will brush and floss daily just like you have always done.

One of the wonderful results you can expect from dental implants is the ability to resume eating all the foods you love. You can think of your newly implanted tooth just like you would your natural teeth, so enjoying food you once thought were off limits is now accepted.

Daily brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist every six months are to be expected. These actions will not only help keep your remaining natural teeth healthy, but your implant will be inspected to make sure it remains fully functional and performing as expected.

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