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Healthy Ways To Satisfy A Sweet Tooth

dentist Battle Creek MIWhen the need for something sweet strikes, your thoughts might go to candy, cookies, ice cream, or any of the thousands of yummy treats available. But did you know that you can find other great tasting, satisfying treats that will be much better for your oral health (not to mention your waistline)? Overindulging in sweet treats might result in an unexpected visit to the dentist.

Alternatives are out there!

You can get creative and mix up something that is healthy and sweet; or you can go with the basics such as:

Fresh fruit: Also referred to as nature’s candy, there are many ways to enjoy these tasty, grab-on-the-go treats. And the variety is endless. Apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, berries, etc. Or you can spend a few minutes to prepare a fresh fruit salad using kiwi, strawberries, fresh pineapple, and bananas.

Fruit smoothie: Try adding healthy proteins like chia seeds to your smoothie. Use a sugar substitute if you absolutely must make it sweeter, but the healthier version will rely on natural sweetness.

Cottage cheese: Not usually considered sweet on its own, add fresh fruit and enjoy.

Frozen grapes: These provide a fabulous, cold treat. And you’re not limited to grapes … many fruits freeze well. In fact, frozen bananas placed in a blender makes a tasty ice cream substitute.

Yogurt: Look for low sugar varieties. They are just as tasty. Or get industrious and make your own yogurt.

Sugar free candy and gum: Try sucking on sugar free mints or chew sugar free gum. Very often cravings will subside.

Prunes and dates: These can be high in sugar, so they must be consumed on a limited basis. But they are high in fiber and deliciously filling.

Other Ways to Beat a Sweet Tooth

In lieu of eating something sweet, try drinking water flavored with your favorite fruit (watermelon infused water is delicious). You can make your own, but if you decide to buy already prepared flavored waters, check the label for sugar content. Some are healthier than others.

Brush your teeth: May not be as satisfying, but might help to curb your cravings.

Make sure your meals contain foods you will enjoy that are also high in protein. This might help you to feel less hungry throughout the day.

Finally, visit our family dentistry practice twice a year to help maintain great oral health.