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Myths About Root Canal Treatment

root canal Battle Creek MIRoot canal therapy has an unfair reputation. There are many misconceptions about this tooth-saving treatment. Receiving root canal therapy saves teeth from extraction, restores comfortable oral function, and can prevent the formation of painful abscesses.

Here we will dispel common misconceptions about root canal therapy.

#1 Root Canal Therapy is Always Painful

While having an infected root canal can be very uncomfortable, the procedure to treat this condition isn’t overly invasive or uncomfortable. Many advancements have been made in procedural methods that improve patient comfort.

#2 Root Canal Therapy Causes Disease

There are a number of unsupported, dubious claims circulating on the internet connecting root canal treatment to disease. These claims are rooted in poorly designed studies conducted 100 years ago. There are no known connections to root canal therapy causing the development of serious disease.

Receiving root canal therapy has a number of benefits and does not affect your long-term health.

#3 Root Canal Treatment isn’t Necessary

The internet is home to unsupported claims that certain home remedies can cure infected root canals. There is no homeopathic replacement for root canal therapy. Teeth cannot self-heal like other parts of the body and root canal therapy is a necessity to address infected teeth.

#4 If Pain Subsides, I Don’t Need Treatment

Many times, patients will experience painful toothaches when the nerves within their teeth are infected. If a toothache caused by an infected root canal subsides, it does not mean that the tooth is no longer in danger. It simply means that the infection has killed the nerve ending inside a tooth.

If you develop a toothache, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dentist to ensure that you receive the proper treatment(s) necessary to manage your condition and protect your oral health.

Root canal therapy is a safe and effective way to treat infected teeth. Call the office of Dr. John Morris today to reserve an appointment with our dentist.