Sugar and Your Teeth: 3 Things to Know

Sugar is one of the most notorious culprits in tooth decay. Everyone knows that sugar is harmful to your dental health, but how exactly do sweets cause decay?

Here are 3 things you need to know about sugar and your teeth.

1. Sugar Creates Harmful Acids

Bacteria is always present in your mouth. Some types of bacteria are good, while others are harmful and can damage your teeth if they grow.

When sugar enters your mouth, it acts as a nutrient for bad bacteria. This bacteria creates acids from sweets that chew through tooth enamel. Thin enamel leaves your teeth more vulnerable to breakage and decay.

2. Cavity Risks Get Higher

Generally, older people are most vulnerable to tooth conditions and oral diseases. However, sugar makes everyone, from small children to seniors, face an increased risk of developing tooth decay.

Overconsumption of sugar commonly leads to cavities. If your enamel weakens too much and bad bacteria continue to refuel on plenty of sugar, you will end up developing cavities that need filling.

Liquid sugar is even more harmful than solid forms. While cookies and cake may not reach every part of your teeth, juice and soda will coat the inside of your entire mouth. This makes your risks of developing cavities even higher.

3. Oral Diseases Thrive on Sugar

Sugars not only feed acids in your mouth that build plaque and weaken enamel; they also cause gum disease.

Gum disease, which begins as a condition known as gingivitis, starts with a red, irritated gumline. This serious dental disease can progress to periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease. Periodontitis leads to bone loss in the jaw and loose teeth which you will eventually lose if you don’t take action.


Too much sugar is not good for anyone. Excessive consumption of sweets can increase your waistline and cause high blood pressure. On top of these health risks, your teeth are also at risk.

Your diet plays an essential role in keeping your smile healthy. Replacing processed, sugary foods with healthier alternatives such as fruit and berries is smart when craving something sweet. Lean proteins, whole grains, dairy, and vegetables are nutritious replacements for processed foods such as baked goods, pasta, and white bread.

Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoridated toothpaste to help remineralize your enamel and protect your teeth from decay.

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