Teeth Cleaning in Battle Creek

Professional cleanings do more than just polish and clean your teeth. In fact, receiving regular dental cleanings are important to preventing dental conditions such as decay and gum disease. One of the main objectives in a dental cleaning is the removal of tartar, which cannot be removed by oral hygiene practices like brushing and flossing. Tartar is made of plaque deposits hardened by calculus and requires special dental tools for removal.

As a major contributor to gum disease, tartar accumulation can lead to tooth loss and oral infection. Patients should receive a dental cleaning every six months to control tartar buildup and prevent the development of periodontal (gum) disease. The teeth cleaning process is non-invasive and does not produce discomfort.

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Deep Teeth Cleanings Available at Our Practice

For patients who have not received routine cleanings on a regular basis or for our patients with gum disease, we offer deep teeth cleanings from our practice as an added convenience to our patients. These cleanings access the gums and teeth below the gum line to thoroughly remove tartar buildup. As tartar builds up along the gums, it eventually spreads below the gum line and extends to the roots of teeth. This can present many oral health problems and eventually leads to gum recession and tooth loss because tartar separates the natural bond between gums and teeth. As tartar accumulates along the roots, the teeth, lacking adequate support, will become loose and without treatment, will eventually fall out.

Deep cleanings remove tartar along the roots of teeth and underneath the gums. Instead of using conventional hand scaling methods to accomplish this, our dental hygienists use a cavitron. The cavitron machine improves the efficiency and accuracy of a deep cleaning while also promoting patient comfort. Patients with gum disease who seek treatment greatly reduce their risk for oral health complications including tooth loss and chronic oral infections.

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