Teeth Whitening in Battle Creek

To many people, a white smile is synonymous with a healthy smile. Because teeth are naturally bright and white, dull spots and stains can affect a patient’s self-esteem. With age and exposure to stain-causing chemicals and substances like tobacco, coffee, and wine, nearly every patient’s smile dulls over time. Fortunately, our practice offers a simple solution for stained smiles with convenient, in-office ZOOM! teeth whitening.

Why don’t store-bought teeth whitening products work?

Have you ever tried whitening strips or toothpastes from your local grocery store and felt disappointed with the results? This is because store-bought and natural teeth whitening products lack the potency to lift permanent stains. Instead, these products contain abrasives that can only remove the surface stains on teeth. When teeth are stained below the enamel surface, professional treatments are required to noticeably whiten a smile. Professional teeth whitening, on the other hand, can brighten a smile up to ten shades because its bleaching ingredients reach below the enamel surface of teeth.
Teeth Whitening | John B. Morris, D.D.S. P.C. | Battle Creek, MI

What is Zoom! teeth whitening?

Zoom! teeth whitening is one of the most popular and most effective methods for addressing permanent tooth stains. The Zoom! system involves an effective whitening solution and the use of a dental laser that accelerates and deepens the whitening process. This system is incredibly effective and convenient for our patients. In fact, a single session whitens teeth drastically in just a little over an hour.

What happens during Zoom! teeth whitening?

When you whiten your teeth at our practice, our team will use an oral appliance to comfortably keep your mouth in an open position. A member of our team will then apply a protective coating to your gums to avoid sensitivity and the whitening solution directly on your teeth. After this process is complete, a safe, dental laser will emit a beam of light into your mouth to speed up the whole process.

After your treatment, the protective coating and whitening solution will be removed and you will leave our office with a vibrant, white smile.

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