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What causes white spots on my teeth?

 family dentistry Battle Creek MIWhite spots on teeth can originate from a genetic mutation; can be due to a mineral imbalance, or can signify dental decay. Your dentist can offer solutions that will minimize or correct the white spots utilizing cosmetic enhancements or dental restorations to help you achieve the appearance you desire.

Teeth form in the womb making some dental issues unpreventable as a result of the gene pool. But that doesn’t mean the problem can’t be resolved. A call to your family dental office to make an appointment with your provider to identify the source of the malady and possible solutions is your first step to a smile makeover.

Mineral imbalance – Those white spots might be due to demineralization. When dental bacteria begin to permeate the tooth’s enamel, the acids from the bacteria literally attack the enamel. The hard covering we know as enamel is damaged which can result in white spots. Your dentist can offer solutions how to correct the problem with this diagnosis.

The injection of fluoride into daily oral care actually strengthens dental enamel. However, if too much fluoride is ingested, the result can be tooth discoloration. Our nation’s water supply has been fortified with fluoride for more than a half century, but patients that rely on well or bottled water lose out on that benefit. For those who supplemented their vitamins with additional fluoride coupled with fluoridated water consumption, the result could be spots on teeth.

Active dental decay can appear as white spots on teeth.

The solutions for white spots can be multi-faceted. If your dentist determines they are due to an extrinsic problem, teeth whitening might be recommended. If this isn’t a viable solution or multiple teeth are involved, your dentist might suggest a minimally invasive cosmetic enhancement known as porcelain veneers.

Veneers are wafer thin shells that are made to match surrounding dentition; a small amount of enamel is removed on each tooth requiring repair. The veneer is permanently cemented to the front of the tooth altering the tooth’s appearance.

If white spots indicate dental caries are involved, your dentist may recommend repairing with a tooth colored composite resin.

If the spots are due to staining and involve just a couple teeth, a tooth colored bonding material may be used to blend away spots.

No matter the cause, white spots on teeth can be resolved. For more information, contact the family dentistry office of Dr. John Morris at 269-979-1500.