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When is a dental crown necessary?

dental crowns Battle Creek MIDental crowns are used to treat a variety of problems such as broken or cracked teeth; saving a tooth that has already been treated for decay, but further decay has developed; as the final step following endodontic therapy; to affix a dental prosthesis; or as a cosmetic restoration. Your dentist is able to salvage a tooth that otherwise might be lost; and saving your natural teeth is usually a much better option than tooth loss.

Wouldn’t it be easier to extract the problematic tooth?

Initially, extraction might seem like a good solution. But depending on the tooth involved, if a tooth is removed problems could ensue such as…

Remaining teeth could begin to drift toward the opening where a tooth is missing. This can create problems with the bite as well as the appearance of remaining teeth. If teeth become misaligned, problems with chewing; keeping teeth clean; and discomfort can occur.

When a tooth is gone, the bone that held that tooth in place begins to atrophy. Over time neighboring bone could be impacted affecting remaining teeth.

Gum recession, bruxism (teeth grinding), and sensitivity might occur. If extraction is chosen, it is usually recommended that replacement follow with dental bridges, dentures, or dental implants. If possible, saving the natural tooth with a crown is a better option.

Other Uses for Dental Crowns 

In addition to saving a decayed or fractured tooth, other crown applications include:

Sealing a tooth following a root canal. During a root canal, the dentist will create a tiny hole in the tooth to remove the contents of the tooth’s roots. Once completed, the opening must be sealed. Most often a dental crown is chosen.

Crowns can be made to affix a dental prosthesis like a bridge.

If tooth loss should occur, a dental implant is often recommended to restore missing dentition. A crown will be the final step to complete tooth restoration.

Dental crowns are available in a variety of materials; your dentist will explain which is best for your needs. A porcelain crown is stain resistant and will be made to match surrounding teeth. Crowns provide fit, function, and aesthetics making them a valuable asset for your dentition.

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